Dr. Shah is highly experienced in colon cancer screening and prevention. He is especially interested in high quality colonoscopy and maintains an extremely high adenoma (polyp) detection rate (somewhat like a “batting average” for colonoscopists) of over 50%, compared with a national average of 20%. Recent studies have demonstrated that patients of colonoscopists with higher detection rates have a lower risk of developing colon cancer, advanced-stage colon cancer, or dying from colon cancer. Dr. Shah also employs numerous innovative colonoscopy techniques, such as underwater colonoscopy and underwater polyp removal to achieve higher patient comfort and success rates. He is also very experienced at performing unsedated colonoscopies, allowing select patients to comfortably observe their own exam, avoid the risks of sedation, and drive and return to work after their colonoscopy.

Having trained under some of the world experts at UC Irvine, he has extensive experience in advanced endoscopy and colonoscopy techniques, including endoscopic mucosal resection of large colon polyps, ERCP, stent placement, dilation, and removal of precancerous and early cancerous lesions from the gastrointestinal tract. He is also skilled in performing procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease and its complications, including Barrett's esophagus and esophageal cancer.

Dr. Shah’s triple board certification, along with additional training in pediatric gastroenterology, including pediatric endoscopy and inflammatory bowel disease, has led to an additional interest in transitioning the care of pediatric GI patients to an adult gastroenterologist.

In addition to his clinical passions, Dr. Shah incorporates technology to allow patients to actively participate in their care, including the use of secure online portals, mobile apps, and mobile healthcare devices.

Dr. Shah is an outstanding physician with extensive clinical expertise along with utmost warmth and compassion for his patients. He is fluent in Spanish and proficient in Gujarati and Hindi. He lives with his family in Orange County and is an accomplished violinist who also enjoys photography, technology, and skiing.